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"Akane is a gifted healer imbued with warmth and radiance. Their healing energy filled the space with serenity and joy and their treatment left a heavenly imprint on my body, soul, and psyche. Highly effective and highly recommended. What a treat!" - Theresa O.

I was first introduced to Reiki by my father. He was certified when I was in middle school, and he would offer it to me to help with bruises, ankle sprains, and other light injuries. I remember the sensation of the injury site becoming tingly, hot, and energized, and his reminders that this was a good sign - that the pain and inflammation must first get worse before it gets better. And with each follow-up session, my injuries would heal.

My father would talk to me about the idea of using the body as a straw to channel universal healing energy - concepts that I began playing with immediately, in my own untrained, intuitive ways.

Fast forward to August of 2021, I was certified in Usui/Tibetan Reiki Ryoho I & II, under the instruction of Kristin Reed. In addition, I was certified in Earth Evolution Reiki in June of 2023, and Usui Reiki I & II in August of 2023, by Aki Hirata Baker and Manu Del Prete. I have had the privilege of working professionally as a Reiki practitioner since August of 2022.

As a lifelong mover, dancer, healer, and earth-oriented person drawn to the intelligence of the body, Reiki has allowed me to facilitate healing for myself and others in a way that is holistic, sustainable, and transformative.


I currently practice out of Bed Stuy Acupuncture & Massage Therapy. A 60-minute session includes a conversation clarifying intentions for the practice, followed by the reiki treatment (typically 45 minutes), and a post-treatment debrief conversation. A treatment can address issues in the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic bodies. More information about Reiki here.

Sessions are offered at sliding scale pricing:
$65-$115 for 60 minutes, in person
$40-$80 for 30 minutes, remote

Book a session here.

"I felt really cared for and comfortable in Akane's presence, and this made a huge difference for me in how open I was able to show up and access my physical and energetic body... Akane let me know ahead of time that I could ask for a pause if/at any time I felt overwhelmed, and that helped me make a choice to stay in the sensations I was feeling, witness them, and be curious about how they moved through me. I ended up becoming so relaxed in the session that I fell asleep in a meditative kind of way -- still experiencing the physical while my mind rested. This was a notable feeling for me because rest and sleep have always been a challenge for me. When the session was complete, I felt rested and energized in a new way... I am really intrigued by this new feeling and how I can access it more frequently. Perhaps Reiki is helping to facilitate this important turning point for me. Thank you, Akane." - Em M.

"Calming, respectful, and honest. Thank you." - anonymous